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Top 10 QR Code Tech Support Questions

Posted: December 5th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: General, Top 10 QR Code Tech Support Questions | Comments Off on Top 10 QR Code Tech Support Questions

One of these questions actually came in overnight which prompted me to think that I should probably share with you some of the more “interesting” customer tech support questions I’ve had over the past 3 and a bit years.

These are real questions from real people and indicate that the QR code learning curve is a bit steeper for some, but I endeavoured to answer all of them in a helpful and respectful manner.

In no particular order, here’s my 10 favourites:

  1. My phone doesn’t have a camera. What scanning app should I use?
  2. I made a QR code with my cell phone number in it but every time I scan it with my phone I get my voicemail. Can you help me to get it to work?
  3. I put a QR code for my website in my email signature but when I click on it nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Can you make a QR code that links to another QR code?
  5. If I change the color of my QR code will it still link to the same website?
  6. I scanned a QR code in a magazine ad and it took me to their website but they didn’t have what I wanted. Can I make it go to another website?
  7. The QR code works fine using the camera my iPhone, but why won’t it scan with my digital camera?
  8. My QR code links to a Powerpoint that’s on my home computer. Why won’t it work at my office?
  9. Can your analytics tell me how many people saw our QR code but didn’t scan it?
  10. Why do my QR codes only scan properly when the internet on my phone is turned on?

I’ll also give an honorable mention to the enquiry about a QR code in braille that vision-impaired people could use.

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