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QR Codes For Paypal Buy Now Link

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Paypal has changed the way people do business online, and with the presence of QR codes, cashless transactions have become even more exciting. The Paypal Buy Now Link QR code takes the users to the window to get them ready to send their payment.

This QR code is one of 23 fully-functional and non-expiring data types that a free user or a paid account subscriber can have through the QR Stuff QR code generator.

No sign-up or registration is required, and users have access to non-expiring QR code data types. You can also edit the QR codes and view scan analytics as a part of the paid subscriber feature set.

How To Create PayPal Buy Now Link QR Codes

  1. Go to QRStuff.com and select Paypal Buy Now Link as your data type in Column 1.
  2. In Column 2, enter the Paypal account email address, description of the product or item, product code, item value, and currency.
  3. Select the foreground colour for your QR code in Column 3. If you’re a paid subscriber you are also able to set the image size, resolution, output file type (PNG, JPG, TIF, EPS, SVG, PDF or DXF ) and error correction level.
  4. Click the “Download QR Code” button to start paying through the Paypal Buy Now Link QR code.


Make It A Bit Fancy

While free users can change the foreground colour of their QR code, paid subscribers have the ability to also change the appearance of the QR code image and embed a logo or image in its centre. Just use the steps outlined above to create your Skype Call QR code, and then, before you download your finished QR code, click the “Style Your QR Code” button to change its appearance.

To the right is an example that shows what could be done to the QR code created above using our QR Code Styling feature. Our styling interface allows you to make your QR code more visually distinctive and, by embedding a suitable image, perhaps more intuitive as well. Our previous post on QR Code Styling will give you more information about how to use this feature.

Subscribers Get More QR Stuff!

Become a QR Stuff paid subscriber and get unlimited QR codes, unlimited scans, analytics reporting, editable dynamic QR codes, high resolution and vector QR code images, batch processing, password-protected QR codes, QR code styling, QR code pausing and scheduling and more, for one low subscription fee.

Full subscriptions start from just $11.95 for a 1-month subscription (lower monthly rates for longer periods) or you can set up a 24-hour trial subscription for $3.95 to check out what we can do for you. Subscribe now.

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