QRStuff.com is a free QR code generator that gives you the opportunity to generate QR Codes in ways that most of the other places overlook.

There’s more to it than just putting a website address into a QR code, so with QR Stuff you can make QR codes for Paypal Buy Now buttons, Facebook Likes, FourSquare venues, LinkedIn profiles and shares, WiFi logins, Google Maps, vCard contact details, vCalendar event details and many others.

Once you’ve got your QR code made, we’ve come up with a wide variety of output options. Printing and downloading go without saying, but with QR Stuff you can also email your QR code to someone, print out sticker sheets, or put them on a t-shirt, a coffee mug, a hat or any of a dozen other items.

And if you sign up for a QR Stuff subscription (from as little as $3.95) you get even more:

  • Generate high resolution QR code image at sizes up to 3000 pixels and resolutions up to 300dpi (that’s 41 inches wide at 72pdi!).
  • Batch processing to automatically generate up to 500 QR codes in a single pass.
  • History reporting for all QR codes created within your account, including regenerating past QR codes.
  • Editable destination URL’s – change the destination of the QR code without altering the QR code image when using our URL shortener.
  • Real-time analytics traffic analytics for QR codes within your account.

Check out our FAQ page for more information or head over to www.qrstuff.com now to get your QR codes under way.


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