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Create a mail-merge data source in Excel

How To Make QR Code Labels & Stickers

Here’s some step-by-step instructions on using a label template in MS Word 2010 to create QR code sticker labels from a pre-made set of QR codes using the mail-merge function. We’ve used the Avery 22805 label template (1.5″ x 1.5″ 24 per sheet) but you can use any digital label template you want. The point we’re […]

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QRStuff QR Codes Go Visual With Visualead

QRStuff QR Codes Go Visual

Visualead and QRStuff have joined forces to make QR codes more attractive for users and more valueable for businesses seeking to engage mobile users. QR codes are all around us, and people are used to seeing and scanning them, yet they aren’t considered attractive. Visualead’s patent-pending technology changes how people engage with QR codes and […]

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Dynamic QR Codes

What Is A Dynamic QR Code?

A dynamic QR code is editable, as opposed to a static QR code which cannot be edited. Dynamic QR codes also allow for additional features like scan analytics, password protection, device-based redirection, and access management. Dynamic QR codes also result in a less dense QR code image that is more reliable to scan. Dynamic QR […]

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QR Codes In Tourism And Travel

If you’re planning on using QR codes in the tourism or travel industry the opportunities go way beyond simply adding a QR code to the back page of your brochure that links to your website. As the articles shown below point out, QR codes in tourism, travel and hospitality can be used for product and […]

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QR Code Error Correction

Part of the robustness of QR codes in the physical environment is their ability to sustain “damage” and continue to function even when a part of the QR code image is obscured, defaced or removed. This is acheived by using the Reed-Solomon Error Correction algorithm – some serious algebra that happens in background when the QR code is created. The […]

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QRlicious Make Custom QR Codes Easy

If you’re after a custom QR code you need look no further than QRlicious. Logos, branding, colors, and cool graphic effects that your customers won’t be able to resist scanning. And if you have a QR Stuff subscription (even a 24 hour $3.95 subscription) here’s how easy it is to create your QR code and get it […]

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How A QR Code Can Help You Find Your Keys

Pumping Station One recently feature a post on attaching a QR code to your keychain that will allow someone to scan the QR code on the keychain fob and automatically send you a text message that they found your keys, with their phone number included so you can call them and arrange to get your keys back. While they […]

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QR Code Rubber Stamp

QR Code Rubber Stamps & Stencils

Bryan at Holmes Stamps in Florida contacted me on Twitter the other day to let me know that they were making QR code rubber stamps. Holmes is a family business that’s been going since 1954 and this is just another way they’re making old school products relevant to the 21st century. They can make you […]

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Using Google Analytics With QR Codes

As QR code use and implementation becomes more sophisticated, the reasons for having your own URL in the QR code, rather than a URL provided by an external shortening service, become more compelling: You want your customer to have the confidence of seeing your branded website address when their scanning app asks them if they […]

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TripGeo Streetview QR Code

I was reading the 10 Great Car Journeys in Street View post on the Google Maps Mania website which showcased the TripGeo tool for creating creating Google direction maps with animated Street View movies for the route – just set your starting point and your destination and TripGeo does the rest creating your own custom […]

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Version 2, Version 6 and Version 10 QR Codes

What Size Should A Printed QR Code Be?

When a QR code is published it should be of a size that’s appropriate for the scanning environment where it’s located. The finished printed size of the QR code is dependent on: The distance between the QR code and the scanning device – which determines the size of the QR code in the viewport of […]

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