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Using QR codes in the Real Estate Business

If you’re in the real estate business, you know you need to have a presence with your target audience. Doing this increases your chance of finding potential tenants or buyers.  Establishing a reputation in the real estate industry is quite a challenge, especially if you are covering a large area. Your tasks probably include posting […]

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Using QR Codes for Scheduling Meetings through Calendly

Do you schedule meetings regularly? Make sure to use QR codes with the Calendly appointment scheduling app!  Scheduling meetings can be a time-consuming process.  You have to wait for the other person to respond to your calls, messages, or emails. Fortunately, Calendly now solves this problem. Calendly is a booking app used to schedule meetings, […]

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How QR codes can Help Businesses in the Fitness Industry

Having a presence online is one of the best solutions to attract and retain gym members. The online fitness industry is actually growing after the covid19 pandemic. Simple marketing tools like QR codes can help.  QR codes can help in sharing online content. You can lead your target clients to your web pages with printed […]

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Using QR codes for Music Events

Many artists release their content online. If you’re one of them, then you could benefit from using QR codes.  QR codes are a great tool that can help you in different ways. For example, QR codes can make your digital data accessible even to printed marketing materials. QR codes are very much accessible. They can […]

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How to Find your Facebook Page ID

You may be wondering how to find your Facebook page ID in order to create a “Link to Facebook Page” data type. Here are the steps: Log into Facebook. From your News Feed, click Pages on the left side menu. Click your Page name. This takes you to your page. Click About at the top […]

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How Can QR Codes Help in Marketing Podcasts?

  How can you reach your listeners?  Most podcasters use marketing and make use of the strategies that strengthen a successful podcast advertisement. However, successfully marketing your podcast is not that easy. You need to stand out from your competition to get the attention of your target listeners.  One way to do that is by […]

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Daniel Frieling of eMedRecords uses QR Codes to Potentially Save Lives

Daniel Frieling of eMedRecords has found a way to make life simpler and potentially save lives with QR codes. Using QR codes, he can track lot numbers in the event of a vaccine recall. He has created a QR code with QR stuff that goes on a PVC card (similar to a credit card) and […]

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Creating QR codes for Sharing Your Business App

Many businesses now are shifting from handing out leaflets, printing advertisements, and hanging billboards to the mobile domain. Doing this helps them connect to more potential customers and get more sales.  Creating a Better Mobile App Dozens of websites allow you to create a mobile app for business. Just search online for mobile app developers […]

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Assigning Names and Folders During QR Code Creation

Great news! We have gotten many requests for the ability to add a name or assign a folder for a QR code during the initial generation. This option is now available and super easy to use! All you need to do is add the name and select the project in the CONTENT section of the […]

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Website URL Data Types

Website URL data types are probably our most popular. They are the easiest way to have people access your website because the QR code simply contains the address of a website. By scanning the code, the website can be accessed by the user without the nuisance of manually entering the URL. These QR codes are also very simple to create. Go to […]

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Brad Sundling uses QR Stuff’s codes to save lives during pandemic

Every Monday morning Brad Sundling’s Mountain Valley Pipeline team has a safety meeting – with as many as 500 people.  The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) project is a natural gas pipeline system that spans approximately 303 miles from northwestern West Virginia to southern Virginia. Since the virus hit, the team is no longer allowed to […]

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