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QR Codes For Google Maps

Google Maps QR Codes

Our free Google Maps QR codes allow quick and easy access to a Google Maps address or location by simply scanning a QR code. Whether it’s about reaching a destination, locating a business, or highlighting an attraction or point of interest, our Google Maps QR codes help your visitors, customers or friends find you. How […]

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Contact Details QR Code

Digital Business Card QR Codes

Our Digital Business Card QR codes display contact details, logo or profile photo, social links, and an optional embedded Google Maps location map in a professional mobile-friendly layout, with sharing and Contacts importing capability built-in. Our Digital Business Cards also feature “click to talk” links for phone and Skype, and an optional “click to SMS” […]

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QR Codes For Instant Messaging With Whatsapp, Facebook And SMS

Instant messaging is more than just chatting with friends, with many businesses now using it to engage with customers, clients and B2B partners for sales, marketing, product support and customer service. Instant Messaging QR codes can take this one step further by combining the ease of use of QR codes with the proven functionality of […]

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Create a mail-merge data source in Excel

How To Make QR Code Labels & Stickers

Here’s some step-by-step instructions on using a label template in MS Word 2010 to create QR code sticker labels from a pre-made set of QR codes using the mail-merge function. We’ve used the Avery 22805 label template (1.5″ x 1.5″ 24 per sheet) but you can use any digital label template you want. The point we’re […]

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QR Codes In Tourism And Travel

If you’re planning on using QR codes in the tourism or travel industry the opportunities go way beyond simply adding a QR code to the back page of your brochure that links to your website. As the articles shown below point out, QR codes in tourism, travel and hospitality can be used for product and […]

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How A QR Code Can Help You Find Your Keys

Pumping Station One recently feature a post on attaching a QR code to your keychain that will allow someone to scan the QR code on the keychain fob and automatically send you a text message that they found your keys, with their phone number included so you can call them and arrange to get your keys back. While they […]

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