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QR Code Scanner

QR Stuff QR Code Scanner

QR Stuff introduces the QR code scanner as its newest feature in the website. Now, you can generate, design, and scan QR codes without having to download any external applications or software. The new QR Stuff QR code scanner is available in both desktop and mobile. Why Use A QR Code Scanner Your QR codes […]

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Email Message QR Codes

QR Codes For Email Messages

By just scanning a QR code, you can now automatically send email messages to your friends, relatives, and colleagues without even having to type in the words in the email. The email message QR code is one of QR Stuff’s 23 fully-functional and non-expiring data types that a free user or as a paid account […]

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Phone Number QR Code

Telephone Number QR Codes

Generate your own Telephone Number QR codes to share your contact numbers to family members and friends. Make calls quicker as details are automatically displayed as soon as the QR code is scanned. QR Stuff’s Telephone Number QR codes are among the 23 full-functional data types that free users can create on our website. There […]

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QR Coes For Linked In

LinkedIn QR Codes

Create free and non-expiring LinkedIn QR codes to help you expand your professional network, share articles on LinkedIn, or even find a job. Our LinkedIn QR codes are just one of the 23 fully-functional QR code data types that free users can create at with no sign-up or registration required. Paid subscribers also get […]

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QR Codes For Google Maps

Google Maps QR Codes

Our free Google Maps QR codes allow quick and easy access to a Google Maps address or location by simply scanning a QR code. Whether it’s about reaching a destination, locating a business, or highlighting an attraction or point of interest, our Google Maps QR codes help your visitors, customers or friends find you. How […]

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Contact Details QR Code

Digital Business Card QR Codes

Our Digital Business Card QR codes display contact details, logo or profile photo, social links, and an optional embedded Google Maps location map in a professional mobile-friendly layout, with sharing and Contacts importing capability built-in. Our Digital Business Cards also feature “click to talk” links for phone and Skype, and an optional “click to SMS” […]

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QR Codes For Instant Messaging With Whatsapp, Facebook And SMS

Instant messaging is more than just chatting with friends, with many businesses now using it to engage with customers, clients and B2B partners for sales, marketing, product support and customer service. Instant Messaging QR codes can take this one step further by combining the ease of use of QR codes with the proven functionality of […]

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2017: QR Code Snapshot

Well it’s been a few years since we did our last QR Code Snapshot so here’s an update on what 2017 looked like in our part of the QR code world based on QR codes created by users between January and December 2017. Who Was Scanning QR Codes? On a world-wide basis the location […]

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Bulk QR Codes

Creating QR Codes In Bulk

If you need dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of QR codes, our batch processing feature will help you easily, simply and automatically create QR codes in bulk, ready to be used for inventory control, asset management, PURL’s, event ticketing and registration, staff business cards, bulk printing, etc. Batch processing is a standard part of the […]

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Styling Your QR Code

Late last year we introduced adding a logo or image to your QR code and recently we’ve rolled out a complimentary QR code styling feature for modifying the look of your QR code – now you can ensure that your QR codes really stand out by branding them with your logo and your colours and […]

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Add A Logo Or Image To Your QR Code

At we’ve been meeting the world’s QR code requirements since 2008 and every year we’ve rolled out regular updates and enhancements to what we offer our users, and improvements and upgrades to how things work “under the hood”. 2015 was a big year for new front-end QR code features and QR code management tools. […]

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